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Welcome to the website of the Manitoba Conflict of Interest Commissioner. This website explains the role of the commissioner, provides links to relevant legislation, disclosure forms, reports and to other jurisdictions. The complaint process is also explained.

Purpose of Conflict Legislation:
The Manitoba Law Reform Commission in its December 2000 report on The Legislative Assembly and Conflict of Interest commented on the purpose of conflict legislation as follows:

"Most commentators would agree that the majority of public office holders are decent, hard working men and women who do their best to serve the public interest as they understand it. Conflict of interest legislation is largely intended to assist elected representatives, by providing an objective understanding against which they gauge their actions, and satisfy themselves and the public that they are acting appropriately."

In Manitoba, the primary conflict legislation is The Legislative Assembly and Executive Council Conflict of Interest Act. Other Acts that may apply are:


New conflict of interest legislation comes into force the day after the next provincial general election.